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Assistant Director of Data Science

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Jared Barton, MSW, works across a variety of data teams, including Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa MIECHV (home visiting). Jared’s experience working with non-profits and their case management systems informs his expertise in understanding and communicating about how data systems could and should work for the funder and for the user. As a result, he leads our DAISEY team of business analysts on the conceptual and functional development of DAISEY and interfaces with our technical and programming partners to make DAISEY what it is today. Jared enjoys the challenges of bridging the gap of understanding and communication between community partners, end-users, and software engineers. Jared received his M.S.W. and is pursuing his Ph.D. in social welfare from the University of Kansas. His favorite modes of communication are loud and sometimes inappropriate noises and Arnold Schwarzenegger sound boards.

EMAIL jaredlee@ku.edu

PHONE 785-864-7440