A single-trip declining balance p-card is used by employees who travel infrequently and do not need a standard p-card. CPPR only uses declining balance p-cards for UKANS funding. 


  1. Work with your supervisor to determine whether you need a declining balance p-card. 
  2. Please fill out the form (hotlink), marking the box for “single-trip declining balance p-card.” 
  3. Return form to Bridget Patti, bridgetp@ku.edu 
  4. Once Payables has received the form and set up the card, you will be notified and given a link to the certification test. 
  5. After passing the test, you will be able to access the certificate on MyTalent (hotlink). Print the certificate and pick up your card from Carruth O’Leary, Room 20. 
  6. If you have received a declining balance p-card previously, you will not have to take the test again.  

Last Review/Update: December 2018 

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