Hiring New Employees – Initiating a Job Search, Interviewing Candidates, and Making an Offer



CPPR aims to attract and retain forward-thinking staff who challenge us to do more, better. As we continually refine our messaging and craft new position descriptions we seek to paint a clear picture of who we are and what we do that will attract and retain staff who share our mission and vision.

This document outlines steps required to successfully create a clear and detailed position description and complete a job search on the University of Kansas talent acquisition system, BrassRing.  The position description must include an overview of the position, key job duties, and required and preferred qualifications. Job duties and required qualifications must be in line with the University’s Market Study for that job classification:


See attached for a “birds-eye view” of the entire hiring process.

All job search requests should be discussed in 3.0 and must be approved by Executive Management.  

All hires must be approved by the CPPR Director. 

  1. Submit a Position Description (PD):

CPPR has several standard position description templates at:

\\CPPR_Secure\Position Search Info\General Position Descriptions\

(If you do not have access to this folder please email one of the CPPR Ops Team members for assistance.)

Once you have selected the PD for the position that best fits your hiring needs, complete ALL FORM FIELDS, keeping in mind the following:

  • There are 2 main types of searches conducted at CPPR: search specific to a single position, search to fill multiple positions under the same PD. The level of specificity you need to provide in the PD form will differ based on the type of search. For example, multiple-position searches that use a single PD will need to be fairly generic to attract a range of candidates suitable for any one position involved in that search. A single position search, on the other hand, should be as specific as possible to attract highly-qualified candidates.
  • Each PD includes a CPPR-use-only section at the bottom for you to add details not necessary for the official KU PD but that will help us promote the job more widely and effectively. It is especially important to complete this field if conducting a multiple-position search. The Design Team will use this language to create custom graphics, tweets, and webpage descriptions, so you should include as much detail as possible (working title, project and partner names, what a typical day looks like, intangibles, etc.). The Design Team is available to help craft this language as you complete the form.
  • Required qualifications must, at a minimum, be compliant with market study requirements for that job classification.
  • All required qualifications must be able to be evidenced by written resume, cover letter, or other documents you specify as required (e.g. portfolio).
  • Each qualification should have qualifying terms, e.g. “1 year experience in” or “as demonstrated by work experience or application materials”.
  • We are required at the time the search requisition is loaded into the system to provide where we will advertise the position. Locations for ad placement must be approved by central HR.  Refer to the job ad posting resource list for possible locations.  The document can be found at:

\\CPPR_Secure\Position Search Info\Resources\

Once the PD is complete, email it to the CPPR Ops Team HR representative.  They will review the PD and make recommendations, as needed.

Once the PD is finalized, the CPPR Ops Team HR representative will send it to the CPPR Executive Management for approval. After CPPR approval is received, the CPPR Ops Team HR Representative will load the PD into BrassRing and route it for KU HR approval. They will then work with the SSC HR team to receive final approval and search posting by KU Recruitment.

  1. Communicate and Promote

The CPPR Ops Team HR Representative will forward the following information to the CPPR Design Team and the CPPR Ops Team Advertising Coordinator for advertising and promotion on social media:

  1. The approved PD from KU Recruitment
  2. The CPPR-use-only section of the PD form drafted by the Search Committee
  3. The KU-provided minimum ad copy and recruitment link to BrassRing
  4. The location of requested advertisement location and funding source
  5. The locations selected for ad placement

Note:  The University automatically advertises the posting with HigherEdJobs.com, America’s Job Exchange, and Getting Hired.  This will include a few “scraping services” with other vendors such as KSWorks, Indeed.com and Beyond.com.

  1. Conduct Interviews and Update the Candidate Tracker

The search committee will review all applications and conduct phone screenings and/or interviews with their top candidates.  CPPR’s behavioral interview questionnaires, phone screening form, and candidate tracker are found at:

\\AAI_general\CPPR\Shared\Interview Forms\

The candidate tracker is a means to share internally if an applicant has been selected to and/or participated in a screening/interview. Candidates who do not meet the minimum requirements or who have been screened out for a lack of or less relevant experience, should also be added to the tracker to aid efficiencies in reviewing candidate materials.  Check the tracker prior to reaching out to an applicant. You are expected to update the tracker as you screen candidates and/or eliminate them from consideration.  Otherwise, it is irrelevant.

  1. Extend an Offer

The search committee chair can extend a contingent verbal offer of employment to the preferred qualified candidate after they have been given approval by the CPPR Director and after the candidate has passed all reference checks.

Once the preferred candidate verbally accepts the offer, the search committee chair should notify the CPPR Ops Team HR Representative by email to submit the hire request to the SSC and central HR.  The following information should be provided in the email.

  1. Name of candidate
  2. Search number and position title
  3. Annual salary or per hour rate
  4. Funding source(s) for salary
  5. Funding source for background check
  6. Start date
  7. Supervisor

Upon approval of the hire by central HR, candidates will receive the online offer, relevant addendums, and the background check authorization or personal data form. Once the offer of employment is accepted and necessary forms completed, the candidate will be notified electronically to establish KU online access/services.  CPPR Ops Team will send the candidate a welcome email with a link to CPPR’s Orientation Trello Board.

  1. Complete the HR Screening Tool

A completed screening tool is required by central HR at the end of the search process. It is used by HR to send letters to unsuccessful candidates and dispense the search. The CPPR Ops Team HR Representative will save HR-provided blank screening tools for each open position in the following folder:

\\CPPR_Secure\Position Search Info\Screening Tool\

The search chair or their appointed representative is responsible for completing the screening tool within one week of the extension of the verbal offer to the chosen candidate.  If the applicant is interviewed/screened, the Interview Evaluations Category Ratings must be completed, as well as reasoning as to why an applicant will or will not be hired.

When the search has closed and dispensed KU HR will automatically send standard letters to all applicants letting them know they were not selected for hire. If the search committee would like to send a personalized letter or email to applicants who were interviewed, there are templates available from the CPPR Ops team.

Effective: July 1, 2017

Approved by: Jackie Counts

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