International purchases are automatically blocked on all KUCR and UKANS p-cards.  Requests to make an international purchase are handled on a case-by-case basis. Check with your supervisor for approval and funding. 

Process for KUCR funding: 
  1. Send an email to kures_card@ku.edu with the vendor name and country where they are located, the grant/funding source, and the amount of the transaction.   
  2. KU Research staff will do a visual compliance screening. If the vendor passes the compliance screening, your card will be opened for the international purchase.   
  3. The visual compliance report MUST be attached to the p-card transaction when you reconcile it. This report is now an official document for the purchase.   
  4. Depending on the country that you are making your purchase in, UMB Bank may reduce your monthly credit limit until the transaction has cleared the bank and your card is closed down for international purchases. This is to reduce possible fraudulent charges on your card while it is open for international transactions. 
Process for UKANS funding: 
  1. Log on and complete this form: https://procurement.ku.edu/temporary-changes-p-card 

Last Review/Update: June 2019

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