KU IT moved to DUO Multi-Factor Authentication, and CPPR transitioned on August 31, 2019. Every new CPPR employee will need to enroll as soon as they begin employment at KU. Enrollment involves a chosen personal device, typically a smartphone.


  1. Install the Duo app on your mobile device by visiting Apple’s App Store or the Google Play Store.
  2. Enroll in Duo at itsecurity.ku.edu/mfa. This is a two-step process where you’ll first setup your device and then enroll to use Duo.
  3. See the Self-Enrollment Guide for step-by-step information with screenshots.
  4. If you need help setting up your device or have questions on what devices can be used, please talk with CPPR IT at cppr_support@ku.edu.
  5. For more information on how to use the VPN with DUO, visit the KU Knowledge base Article.
  6. To learn more, please visit duo.ku.edu.

Last Review/Update: August 2019

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