Parking procedures are in place for CPPR visitors. 


The St. Andrews Research Facility’s parking lot has fewer spaces than CPPR employees. When organizing meetings with visitors, please keep the following in mind:  

  1. If you have a meeting with 5 or more attendees who are not CPPR/KU staff, you will need to get guest passes for parking in the yellow lot to the north of CPPR (Lot 504).  
  2. Please let the CAT team know about any meeting with more than 5 attendees who are not CPPR/KU employees at least a week in advance to ensure there are enough guest passes to accommodate attendees.  
  3. Parking passes are available for guests at an hourly rate. You will need to provide a funding source for each pass.  
  4. Please work with a CAT team member ahead of time to ensure they are available to assist with this process.  
  5. Passes cannot be given to KU staff members.  

Last Review/Update: June 2019

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