CPPR keeps track of all presentations and publications produced by staff. This information is used both internally (e.g. to develop reports for AAI leadership or identify “go-to” resources/people on particular topics) and externally (as appropriate) as the basis for promotion on the CPPR website and/or through media channels.  

All staff are expected to self-report their presentation/publication activity to their Admin promptly. 


What to report. In general, any presentation/training you conduct or publication you produce or co-author as a CPPR employee should be reported. Review the lists below for examples.

Optionally, you may choose to report any presentation/training or publication that you deliver, produce, or co-author through your academic studies or other work if it’s relevant to CPPR’s mission.  

Examples of presentations include:

  • Conference sessions or keynotes
  • Lunch ‘n Learns or other CPPR in-house workshops
  • Professional development or Technical Assistance offerings
  • Partner meeting facilitation or strategic planning sessions

Examples of publications include:

  • Scholarly publishing (online or print journals, research briefs, whitepapers, etc.)
  • News articles or Op-Eds
  • Blog posts
  • Technical reports, toolkits, or curricula

When to report. Report presentations to your Admin as soon as you know you will be preparing a submission, trainings as soon as they are scheduled, and publications as soon as they have been made publicly available so that you can provide details (link or citation) of where they can be found.   

Where to submit. Email your admin with this information: Topic/title, staff involved, conference/publication, publication/presentation date, links, whether OK to share, and any other relevant material.

Confidential or Sensitive information. Some presentation and publication activity conducted for CPPR may not be appropriate for widespread promotion. Please indicate if the information should not be shared broadly.  

Last Review/Update: November 2019

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