KU Research (KUCR) is sales tax exempt in Kansas and Missouri.
The University of Kansas (UKANS) is sales tax exempt in Kansas.
All purchases should be made sales tax exempt if possible.  

Process to obtain a certificate 


  1. To request a sales tax exemption certificate, complete the form at http://research.ku.edu/kucr-sales-tax-exemption-request. You will need the vendor name and complete address, along with a brief description of what you are purchasing: this is required information by the State of Kansas. If it is for a hotel, include the dates of your stay and purpose of travel.  
  2. The exemption form will be completed and returned to you so that you can provide this to the vendor. Please allow 24 hours for turnaround. 



      1. The UKANS side doesn’t create a form for each purchase. Instead they have one Sales and Use Tax Entity Exemption Certificate that can be used with any purchase.  
      2. You can obtain a copy of the certificate from a CAT team member or email comptroller@ku.edu 
      3. Double check that the date in the upper right hand corner of the certificate is in the future before using. 

Process for sales tax refunds 

      1. Always double check your receipt at the time of purchase so you can resolve any tax charges made in tax exempt states immediately.  
      2. If you miss any tax charges from tax exempt states at the time of purchase, KUCR and UKANS both request that you attempt to obtain a refund. Currently, if you have sales tax on an invoice or sales receipt greater than $5, you are required to obtain a refund.  
      3. If you are not able to obtain a sales tax refund or if a sales tax refund is pending, please note this information in the comments section of the p-card voucher. This will help audit staff during the audit process.   
      4. You may be asked to provide additional information should your purchase contain sales tax.  
      5. Note that the sales tax portion of a purchase may not be an allowable expense on a grant and may have to be charged to a non-grant account. 

Last Review/Update: June 2019

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