We use Outlook to schedule meetings, and staff should know the basics of how to schedule meetings and rooms. 


  1. Use scheduling assistant to check the availability of co-workers and CPPR meeting rooms. To check availability of the center director or associate directors, please check with their team administrator. 
  2. Within scheduling assistant, attendees can be designated as required or optional participants. 
  3. CPPR’s meeting rooms are scheduled through an email account, not through Outlook’s room finder tool. All staff have access to view meeting room calendars, so they can see who has rooms reserved. Staff cannot change the meeting room calendar. To add a room to a meeting, add the room’s email address to the meeting invitation. 

4. Paper copies of each meeting room’s schedule are posted every morning. As the subject and a few lines of the invite body will be visible on the schedule, please keep this in mind when naming meetings and including informational details. One strategy is to leave some blank space at the top of the invitation body.

  • For interview invitations, use the position title, not candidate’s name – i.e. Research Project Coordinator interview.
  • In the invite body, say See Email for Details
  • Then send an email to meeting attendees with any necessary information/attachments about candidate.

Last Review/Update: June 2019

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