A travel reimbursement must be completed for trips that have expenses other than mileage, parking and tolls or day trips lasting longer than 11 hours. They must be turned in and completed within 30 days of travel.  


  1. While traveling, email your Admin receipts as soon as you make a purchase. PDFs are preferred, and there are several phone apps that make this process easy, like PDFelement or JotNot.
  2. If there are issues with travel, contact your Admin. For example, if your flight changes and you need to rebook, contact your Admin before making any changes.
  3. When you return, provide your Admin with all paper receipts and all information from your trip. Your Admin will need to know:
    • Name of meeting/purpose (please provide an agenda)
    • Meeting location address
    • Departure date and time
    • Return date and time
    • KTAG – Personal or dept?
    • Funding source
    • Home address
    • Did you drive/share a ride to the airport?
    • Did you pay tolls while driving a rental car?
    • Were any meals provided to you? If so, which meals on which days?
    • Was any portion of your trip covered by a 3rd party?
    • Did you receive a cash advance before traveling?
  1. 4. Your Admin will complete your travel reimbursement paperwork.

Last Review/Update:  September 2019

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