When traveling, CPPR staff must pay an authorized government rate for lodging, and they will receive per diem based on destination and time of arrival and departure. 


  1. Per diem allowance covers meals, personal expenses, and tips while traveling on business, and receipts are not required for documentation of per diem allowance.  
  2. Lodging rates may not exceed the allowable amount, unless the traveler is staying at the conference hotel. 
  3. Per diem and government lodging rates can be found online at https://www.gsa.gov/travel/plan-book/per-diem-rates. Rates vary by state, location within state, and month. In the example shown, the allowable lodging rate for Wichita in October is $101 a night. The per diem rate is $61. If your travel includes partial days, the student business team will calculate the correct per diem percentage when finalizing travel paperwork. 
  4. A complete list of KUCR travel policies is at http://research.ku.edu/travel_policies 
  5. If lodging exceeds the government rate (even if for a conference) a form must be completed. Please note on your paperwork so admin and business staff will complete the form before submitting to SSC. 
  6. Hotel prepayment is not allowable on UKANS funds, although a one-night prepayment is allowed when a deposit is required by a hotel. 


Last Review/Update: June 2019 

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