A single-trip declining balance p-card is used by employees who travel infrequently and do not need a standard p-card. CPPR only uses declining balance p-cards for UKANS funding. 


  1. Work with your supervisor to determine whether you need a declining balance p-card. 
  2. Please fill out the form, marking the box for “single-trip declining balance p-card.” 
  3. Return form to Bridget Patti, bridgetp@ku.edu 
  4. Once Payables has received the form and set up the card, you will be notified and given a link to the certification test. 
  5. After passing the test, you will be able to access the certificate on MyTalent . Print the certificate and pick up your card from Carruth O’Leary, Room 20. 
  6. If you have received a declining balance p-card previously, you will not have to take the test again.  

Last Review/Update:June 2019 

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