Dear Our Tomorrows Partners,

Our team has made a push to ensure that all of our organizational partners, community champions, and citizen journalists have the resources they need to collect stories.

We have recently become aware of a technical problem with the Microsoft Surface Go tablets that “the tablet touchscreen couldn’t tell the difference between “click and drag” and “scroll”.  When trying to select and move a dot , it thinks you are scrolling and doesn’t allow you to select it.” We advised all tablet recipients to download the Mozilla Firefox Browser. The latest Firefox update has broken some of the touchscreen functions that allows the dots to move about. It looks like version 66.0.5 has it working fine but 6.7 has broken the function

If you are experiencing this problem, the fix is below:

If you continue to experience any problems with the Our Tomorrows tablets, please contact our team at and will will assist you further.

Thank you all for your efforts!