CPPR uses video conferencing regularly. We have a variety of programs and technology that must be prepared before a meeting. Zoom, Skype for Business, and GoToMeeting are the primary methods we use.




    1. Available Hardware & Use Cases
      1. Jabra Puck – Small room setting with 3-5 people.
      2. Jabra Headset – For use by an individual in many environments
      3. Polycom – Can be used for a large-scale meeting as an audio substitute in Basecamp.
      4. Webcam – Use when you need a better camera angle than provided by your laptop.
      5. The Owl – Use this for a 360 degree moveable field of view. Device will follow the current speaker.
      6. XMS USB Grab and Go Mic – Mic only interface that allows for a bigger group of people to be picked up if needed. This does not act as a speaker like the puck.
    2. Hardware Checkout
      1. Check out via your team Admin or a CAT Team Member at the front desk.

Special Requests

If you have an offsite meeting and are unsure of what tech questions to ask the venue or you are unsure what to take with you, contact CPPR IT (cppr_support@ku.edu). We will schedule a meeting with you ahead of your conference to make sure you are ready to go!

Common Conferencing Services Used at KU

    1. Zoom
      1. Single Sign-On link for Zoom & online web portal to Zoom
        1. https://kansas.zoom.us/
      2. KU Video Series for Zoom
        1. https://technology.ku.edu/using-zoom-ku-video-series
      3. EDU Roam wifi
        1. username format username@home.ku.edu
      4. Troubleshooting if audio is not working for remote users on Zoom
        1. Check to ensure the intended device is checked under the Mic.
        2. If the intended mic device is not showing up, unplug and re-plug the device. Ensure that the cable is plugged in securly on both ends as some cables detach from the device itself.
        3. Check to make sure the device doesn’t need power (like the owl) as some devices do require external power (other than USB).
        4. If you have tried everything above, leave the meeting, quit Zoom, and re-join the meeting. This should be a last resort.
      5. More information about Zoom at KU can be found at https://technology.ku.edu/services/web-video-conferencing.
    2. Skype for Business
      1. Add an online meeting link to the Outlook calendar invite and select the conference room in the room list to add the room’s Polycom to the meeting.
      2. More information about Skype for Business at KU can be found at https://technology.ku.edu/services/web-video-conferencing.
    3. GoToMeeting
      1. Check with your supervisor or team lead as access information is generally tied to project.

KU Branded Video Conference Backgrounds

Last Review/Update: September 2020

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