The University of Kansas CPPR seeks a seasoned professional to expand and maximize our current capacity and tools to meet the data analytic needs of the future. With a heavy emphasis on using data and information for insight and foresight, CPPR is poised to respond to urgent requests for in-depth data analytics, decision-making tools informed by data, and analyzing and predicting trends for the future of children, youth, and families.

We seek a social or data scientist with experience running a team or lab of staff or students in statistical methodology, data management and merging, translating data/research into actionable recommendations for real-world application, and creative problem solving with all available information.

This experienced professional will have a Ph.D. in a relevant social or data science field, be adept at leading multiple research or data projects, be able to communicate clearly and teach others procedures or protocols for handling and processing data, and be ready to advance CPPR’s capacity to address pressing social problems through innovative and rigorous data analysis techniques. This professional will direct CPPR’s Rapid Insight Team and set the vision for positioning CPPR to respond rapidly and rigorously to social problems in the systems that affect children, youth, and families (e.g., public health, social services, education).

KU is an EO/AAE, full policy at

  • Lead strategic vision of Rapid Insights Team by setting organizational goals, strategies for achieving goals, skillset, capacity, and tool/method assessments, effective management of personnel to achieve goals.
  • Design frameworks and methods for data science for social good in response to current needs and future foresight needs; identify replicable approaches, just-in-time responses, and maximizing existing data/tools/techniques in new ways.
  • Pursue local, regional, and national strategic partnerships, research areas, and funding opportunities that are CPPR mission-aligned
  • Understand and apply innovative techniques, methods, and products that are data-informed, easily understandable to the public, and actionable for policy, practice, and common good.
  • Maximize and foster relationships with experts and collaborators within and across University of Kansas campuses to advance common goals and agendas
  • Provide expert level guidance and development on social science, data science, research methods, data management tools and techniques, statistical analyses, and translation/interpretation approaches to staff and students
  • Provide center-wide leadership on data science for social good across all projects and existing CPPR initiatives
  • Demonstrate the ability to:
    1) pivot and adapt quickly based on changing contexts
    2) lead in a collaborative strengths-based way
    3) understand and anticipate innovation opportunities
    4) build relationships across disciplines, sectors, and people
    5) tolerate ambiguity, bring order to complex ideas, and find efficient yet effective solutions to the problem at hand.