20 Questions

20 Questions for 2020 represents aspirations for our culture, our work, and our impact. These questions act as breadcrumbs on the path to realizing our vision of healthy, happy, thriving communities for us all.

Our culture

who we are

Do we attract and retain forward-thinking staff who challenge us to do more, better?
What we’re working on:

  • Establishing a clear picture of who we are and what we do that attracts and retains staff who share our mission and vision
  • Maintaining a happy, comfortable, and inspiring workplace
  • Using and refining new tools and systems for recruiting, orientation, and retention
Is our work culture bringing out the best in people?
What we’re working on:

  • Maintaining a happy, comfortable, and inspiring workplace
  • Understanding and drawing upon staff strengths and interests to meet business demands
  • Providing staff the space, time, and resources to meet professional and personal responsibilities
  • Creating brave spaces for difficult conversations
Are we growing and learning personally and professionally so that we can have a bigger impact?
What we’re working on:

  • Providing a wide variety of opportunities for staff learning, reflection, and growth
  • Building a strong web of internal communications
  • Fostering and encouraging collaboration across projects
Does our work culture encourage curiosity-seeking and matching individual strengths and “sparks” to our mission?
What we’re working on:

  • Applying the results of the Strengths Finder and other assessments to improving work practices
  • Identifying and supporting research interests and individual aspirations as they apply to our mission*
Does everyone here feel valued and respected?
What we’re working on:

  • Inviting and engaging diverse perspectives
  • Providing staff the space, time, and resources to meet professional and personal responsibilities
  • Creating safe places for difficult conversations
  • Demonstrating cultural understanding and sensitivity
Do we have authentic conversations and engage in productive conflict?
What we’re working on:

  • Building a strong web of internal communications
  • Creating safe spaces for difficult conversations
  • Fostering and encouraging collaboration across projects
Do we maintain an environment where all staff can demonstrate leadership, drive change, and share ideas?
What we’re working on:

  • Encouraging staff to take ownership of our work and professional relationships
  • Self-identifying as leaders, innovators, and experts
  • Planning for sustainability and succession through clear expectations and opportunities for advancement

Our work

what we do

Are we following the bright spots?
What we’re working on:

  • Recognizing what’s working so we can study and clone it
  • Looking for the early signs of success In times of change and uncertainty
  • Spending time scaling solutions in addition to working toward solving problems
Are we using research and data to inform our work?
What we’re working on:

  • Gathering and presenting data in ways that are usable, responsive, and that drive quality improvement and change
  • Taking full advantage of new and innovative tools to approach data and evaluation
Are we asking the right questions to advance and inform progress?
What we’re working on:

  • Moving conversations away from data compliance toward impact and utility through deeper questioning
  • Seeking to uncover and address unfulfilled needs
Are we enabling our partners to act by providing them with high quality services?
What we’re working on:

  • Staying on the cutting edge of theory and application
  • Connecting new audiences with research and best practice
  • Meeting partner needs and expectations while pursuing utmost quality and integrity
Do we communicate and translate what we learn?
What we’re working on:

  • Identifying and sharing successes and lessons learned
  • Demonstrating the breadth and depth of the impact of our projects
  • Making knowledge and information accessible so that anyone can apply it
Have we broadened our understanding by partnering with diverse communities?
What we’re working on:

  • Engaging in the exchange of knowledge and ideas with a broader range of colleagues and organizations (at the university, locally, and across the state)
  • Expanding our visibility and reach beyond our state’s borders
  • Understanding, promoting, and contributing through deliberate action to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
Are we taking a creative approach to core business practices?
What we’re working on:

  • Applying human-centered design to grant writing, professional development offerings, and technical assistance services
  • Looking across sectors for solutions that can be applied to new fields
  • Diversifying funding streams and exploring new funding models
Are we following our Rules of Engagement?
What we’re working on:

  • Leaving it Better than We Found It
  • Being Accountable
  • Working with the Willing
  • Failing Forward

Our impact

why it matters

Does our work contribute to a higher purpose?
Are we celebrating both small steps and big wins?
Do we document the journey so others can learn from our insights and process?
Have we fostered environments where all can thrive?
How do we know that we have made a difference for children, youth and families?